Jack Neill Baker's works

Audio, Video, and Image Production. Portfolio pieces blended with tools and techniques.


My FeelGood inc. Remix  was modeled after the Gorillaz song, "Feel Good Inc.". Originally intended as a learning tool for understanding the song's inner fabric, the project quickly became an outlet for new production approaches and techniques. 

The acoustic and electronic performances of both transcriptions are produced and arranged independently

The folk melody of "Spanish Dance"  was transcribed from a classical guitar composition. Percussion and harmony instruments utilizing velocity and pitch information accent the composition's moments of growth and decay.  

Songs from the original album, "To Punch a Hummingbird", used in the 48 hour film, "Ranger Danger", can be heard below. 

These songs were my first step into the worlds of analog and digital audio production.

Scanned album art for original album, "To Punch a Hummingbird". 100 of these prints were made, each press by the artist making them a unique product. By creating copies with varying coloration I was able to provide the end user with a choice of their own preference in which unique album they bought.