Jack Neill Baker's works

Audio, Video, and Image Production. Portfolio pieces blended with tools and techniques.

Rudimental Percussion

Listen to the Damline Cadence Audio File  

    Video of grid on the left:

    This is triplet grid. This is triplet grid with alternate sticking- so diddles are hertas. The first variation starts off the right, it's

    Forward 321 triplet grid - 

    Alternate sticking (only hertas no diddles) -

    Hertas (or diddle) after every accent. 

     "RH F 321 triplet grid, Herta after accent". Whole sequence is 

    •  "RH F 321 triplet grid, Herta 2/3"
    •  "LH B 321 triplet grid, Herta 2/3"
    •  "LH F 321 triplet grid, Herta 2/3"
    •  "RH B 321 triplet grid, Herta 2/3" 

    Works out that this order of variations gives alternate sticking when playing all four variations consecutively. Try pausing between each variation, it's fun to play them in order even if it's not perfec

    Grid Composition

    Introduction to grid- borrowing material from Blue Knights and exercises from Micah Brusse packet from the 2011 UO summer camp. This packet has some text I wrote to teach OSU's 2012 Dam line the concept and value of GRID.

    "Intro to GRID"