Jack Neill Baker's works

Audio, Video, and Image Production. Portfolio pieces blended with tools and techniques.

Scanned album art for original album, "To Punch a Hummingbird". 100 of these prints were hand-made by Jessica Volk as the albums cover art. They ranged in colors which was pretty cool, most people have preferences if making a purchase. The funds from the sales were used to buy percussion equipment for the Phoenix (Oregon) High School percussion program. Mike Spencer's the man! Lots of good folks there. 

The folk melody of "Spanish Dance"  was transcribed from a classical guitar composition. Percussion and harmony instruments utilizing velocity and pitch information accent the composition's moments of growth and decay.  

The structure and lyrics of "My Feel Good Inc." are transcribed from The Gorillaz popular song, "Feel Good Inc".  The acoustic and electronic performances of both transcriptions are produced and arranged independently.