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Audio, Video, and Image Production. Portfolio pieces blended with tools and techniques.

Google is a very good site to learn from. It's very successful. One of my favorite aspects of Google's site is it's navigation at the top of the page which uses single word phrases without dropdown menus to navigate to different functions of the site. It also condenses more options to choose from under the "more" drop- down menu. Google does a very good job by catering to it's users by providing so many services which ap- ply to such a wide audience while still maintaining a small company feel with it's periodic holiday decora- tions and jokes and spoofs. Recently Google bought YouTube and started using it on the home screen. This is good, but I think maybe connections of these seemingly different sites could have remained separate or not as visible to the average user. Connecting the two giants does make things easier for users of both, but also portrays Google in a light closer to that of a corporate giant, and may bring rise to fears of how personal information on each site is being dealt with. 

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